“A must-read for anyone paddling all or part of the Inside Passage. It is funny, perceptive, and thoughtful, as well as clearly based on rich experience and adventure.”

— John Dowd

Every outdoor pursuit has a test-piece, a compelling must-do classic in the genre, difficult enough to inspire and aspire to, yet still accessible to a large proportion of participants: climbing the Nose on El Capitan, mountain biking the Continental Divide, kayaking the Grand Canyon, or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Paddling the Inside Passage is sea kayaking’s Holy Grail.

So you’re thinking of kayaking the Inside Passage?

There is only one, comprehensive guidebook to through-paddling the Inside Passage, Kayaking the Inside Passage: A Paddler’s Guide from Olympia, Washington to Muir Glacier, Alaska by Robert H. Miller, 2005, Countryman Press, 459 pages.

Unfortunately, all guidebooks require periodic updates and revisions—mistakes need correction; new routes need to be added; campsites appear and disappear; roads and settlements get built (mostly) or vanish (rarely); land managers add rules and restrictions; new knowledge and perspectives change old ways of thinking and doing things; the author needs more money; readers clamor to add their two-cents worth.

This website is the source for a periodically updated edition of the original guidebook (2005) and the most up-to-date feedback from Inside Passage paddlers. There are two types of updated information available—the Current Updates (2008) for $16 (S&H included) and the Discussion Forum (free).

The Discussion Forum provides a bulletin board for the sea kayaking community to post opinions, information, observations, etc relevant to Inside Passage paddlers of all levels. Any visitor to the site can browse or post a message.

“The Inside Passage is an extraordinary route for kayakers. I've traveled it twice, and there are places I missed that I wished I'd visited, and places I stumbled into that I wish I'd avoided. The third time could be the charm, but to be on the safe side I'd pack Kayaking the Inside Passage in a dry bag.” — Christopher Cunningham, Editor, Sea Kayaker magazine

Nuts & Bolts

Close up photo of a compass and a slug

How can you get your blistered hands on all this essential information? Easily; 3 distinct packages are available:

  1. The book, personally autographed by the author for $18.95, S&H included.
  2. A set of the 50-page additions & corrections to the 2005 edition for $16, S&H included, which includes:
    • Corrections & updates
    • Many new, additional campsites.
    • Four new alternate routes:
      1. Cape Fanshaw to Juneau along the mainland coast
      2. Juneau to Skagway
      3. West Arm of Glacier Bay
      4. Hood Canal
    • Expanded Natural History sections on kelp, eagles, mustelids and salmon
    • Revised maps & additional photographs
  3. A set of both the personally autographed book and the additions & corrections for $34, S&H included.

Just mail a check or money order with your request to:

Robert H. Miller
1740 Oregon Avenue
Prescott, AZ 86305

Or, email me. Don’t forget to include your mailing address.

About the Author

Author, Robert H. Miller Robert H. Miller has been kayaking and climbing for over 40 years. He has published articles and photos in numerous outdoor publications, including Rock & Ice, Canoe & Kayak, and Paddler and has taught for Outward Bound, Challenge/Discovery, Prescott College & Yavapai College. He now lives in Prescott, Arizona. You can contact Robert via email.