Topic: Welcome

Welcome to the first ever information exchange forum for Inside Passage Paddlers! This is the place to post information and opinions regarding any and all aspects of kayaking, canoeing, rowing, pedaling or even swimming the Inside Passage. Found a great new place to stay, hike, eat or drink on a past trip? Want to share the highlights of a great (or miserable) trip? Hate the guidebook, author, Canadians or US Customs? Got kicked out of a campsite by an angry bear, landowner or rising tide? Let others know.

Need a paddling partner for all or part of the Inside Passage? Want information on the most up-to-date conditions, bear closures, regulations, special events, stealth border crossings? Post your query here.

Below are 3 new tidbits of information I've received that I haven't had a chance to incorporate into the 2008 guidebook revisions. I hope they're helpful and I hope there'll be many more postings from the entire sea kayaking community.